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The worst thing you can do if you have a sexual problem is to keep
it secret and not ask for counseling! Not only will the problem not
go away, it can get worse. Emotionet's online counseling is an
excellent opportunity for you to receive confident advice on sexual,
emotional and relationship problems, via the convenience of email.

It's extremely important that people with sexual concerns should
seek counseling and advice at the earliest possible opportunity.
Sex has a tremendous impact on one's self-esteem as well as on
one's intimate or marital relationships. Too many times the sexual
relationship deteriorates to a poor or nonexistent one, but people
don't really know how it happened or what to do about it. Many
good relationships break down because the sex went bad, but it
doesn't have to happen that way any longer.

Questions and concerns about sexuality and sexual problems are
incredibly common. Sex counseling should both ameliorate sexual
dysfunction and enhance sexual fulfillment. By combining sexual
education, counseling and relationship counseling with behavioral
approaches designed specifically for enhancing sexual functioning,
individuals can achieve a higher degree of sexual satisfaction.

Sexual difficulties are complex, varied and individual. Some are the
result of physical problems which are NOT within the scope of this
service. If you feel that your particular problem may have a physical
basis, your family doctor should investigate it immediately.

Most of us did not grow up in an atmosphere of feeling comfortable
with our sexual selves, nor were we surrounded by adults willing to
talk to us comfortably about our sexuality. So inevitably we have
discomforts, hang-ups and questions about our sexual behaviors.
With Emotionet’s guidance, you can enhance sexual performance,
achieve a higher degree of sexual satisfaction and ultimately light
the flame that makes relationships far more fulfilling.
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