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Thomas Edelman received his degree back in 1988 in Frankfurt, and his
Master of Social Work degree at Luebeck. For many years he worked as a
private counselor, practicing a long and distinguished career. He has also
worked as a research advisor for the Graduate Program at L. Maximilians.

Thomas Edelman's Emotionet Center specializes in providing online
counseling for relationship problems, marriage breakups, family conflicts
and various emotional difficulties. Emotionet provides flexible, caring and
unique educational solutions, which relate well to all types of people,
understanding each person's individual needs.

Thomas Edelman has extensive counseling expertise aimed at result
oriented treatment. He integrates goal-directed coaching with his unique
concepts, providing proven, intelligent solutions.
Thomas has been in private practice for many years. He has specialized in
communication and online counseling, developing his own therapeutic style
and techniques. He has gleaned from the works of many of this century's
greatest thinkers and synthesized this knowledge with his own experience.

The Emotionet online center serves today a very large number of surfers
who are in an immediate need for professional, personal counseling.
Despite his many daily activities, Thomas has been giving high priority to
Emotionet, personally replying to each and every counseling email request.
We are all commited to continuing our efforts and keep Emotionet one of the
leading online counseling centers.
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