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Marriage is one of the most complex forms of human relationships.
In fact, it's basically a financial agreement, based on mutual feelings,
for the purpose of creating a new generation.

This complicated relationship is further challenged by environmental
factors like other family members, the close community, tradition,
religion, etc... Every change within this dynamic relationship has a
strong impact on all the other factors, making the marriage connection
an extremely vulnerable and fragile one.

Marriage counseling focuses on maintaining the balance between the
numerous components that influence your relationships. As your
counselor, I work to help you and your partner make sense out of
confusing emotional dynamics, identifying and isolating the pattern(s)
that trouble your relationship.

The Emotionet online counseling center helped many couples
overcome severe difficulties and improve their marriage relationship.
Yet at times I've had to offer disillusionment counseling, in order to
help couples to terminate a hopeless connection. Such counseling
often involves escorting the separated couple into their new lives,
providing practical advice and new hope.
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