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As a renowned, highly respected counseling center, Emotionet will
help, guide and support you to overcome troubled relationship and
emotional distress. You won't just get a hug and consolation, that's
NOT what you really need. You need immediate, practical solutions
and helpful advice, and that's exactly what Emotionet delivers.

 No matter who you are, we can help you!
The confidential long term counseling through email is one of the
most effective ways to overcome personal difficulties. Recent studies
show that online counseling has become increasingly common,
helping intelligent, open minded people overcome their relationship,
marriage and emotional problems.

 Professional counseling, practical advice and solutions!
We give full attention to each and every email we receive, replying
within 24 hours! Thomas Edelman, will personally answer all your
email counseling requests, providing his best guiding and advice.
He'll work with you closely to fully understand your problems, to
identify the essential triggers and to come up with the best solutions
for a fast, complete recovery.
The price for the long term email counseling is only $290. The long
term counseling includes up to 5 sessions, within a period of up to
3 months. Start right now, sometimes "tomorrow" might be too late. - Bridge Plaza 2936 43st Avenue, LI City, NY 11101
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