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Q: How is online consultation helpful?
A: Online consultation can often prevent the need for more extensive
treatment later on. Making the decision to email our consultation
service can help you formulate your thinking and begin the process
of gaining a fresh perspective. Early solutions can prevent a relatively
minor personal problem from developing into a chronic issue.

Q: What's online counseling?
A: Online counseling provides practical ideas and advice using
email, in a manner that's private, affordable, efficient, and fast. These
counseling services are intended to replace face-to-face counseling,
but not professional therapy or medical treatments.

Q: Which issues are you dealing with?
A: Emotionet deals with relationship difficulties, stress and anxiety,
marriage counseling, divorce mediation, intimacy and communication
problems, interpersonal concerns and more...

Q: What is your degree and experience?
A: Please click here to read about Thomas Edelman's background.

Q: What makes your service different?
A: Our counseling service is unique because we do not "sell" illusions
or useless consolations. We also do not try to please our patients by
telling them what they wish to hear.
We provide efficient and practical advice that can help anyone overcome
personal problems. We always tell the truth, leaving out irrelevant issues
to our patient's situation.

Q: What does your counseling include?
A: Our counseling is detailed and focuses on what you can change in
order to overcome your personal problems and improve your life. We'll
analyse your situation and provide practical suggestions and effective
ideas on how to proceed.

Q: How much do your services cost?
A: The fast and immediate email consultation costs only $35. Each
answer takes my full attention, so that the small payment must exhibit
a sincere desire to receive my help and to prove that the person involved
is serious about his/hers counseling request.
The long term consultation costs $290 for up to 5 sessions within up to
3 months.

Q: How soon can I expect a reply?
A: Most questions are answered within 12 hours. You are guaranteed
however to receive a reply within 48 hours.

Q: Who created this website?
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