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Emotionet is one of the most renowned and highly respected online
counseling centers. We help and guide many people overcome their
personal problems, using our vast expertise and unique advantages.
Following are some of our most distinctive advantages.

 All our counseling services are provided online, so that we can
help you overcome your personal problems even if you're located
outside the U.S. or have no access to any local counseling service.

 All our services are provided under a strict privacy policy and with
the utmost confidentiality. No one will know that you are receiving
professional consultation or mental health advice.

 You can use our counseling services at any time, without leaving
the comfort of your own home. It's extremely convenient since most
of the people do not have the time to commit to a pre-scheduled
personal face-to-face session.

 Unlike the face-to-face sessions, online consultation gives you the
opportunity to reflect on the advice you receive, to think about it and
ask further questions.

 Online consultation is much less expensive than seeing a therapist
face-to-face. Emotionet charges very low prices for the consultations,
making each session a win-win situation.

 Most of the people who ask for help find the online anonymity
comfortable and useful. This anonymous approach has a powerful
impact, because people are sometimes more willing to disclose their
private and personal information, which is a vital element for any
successful counseling.

 Whenever you send me your personal problems and ask for our
help, you have to write an email. Writing down and phrasing your
problems, emotions and thoughts is considered as an essential part
of the therapy process.

 The online consultations are extremely fast. In fact, we reply to most
emails within 24-48 hours! No need to wait for special appointments,
it's all there on your desktop.
Describe your problem and
you'll receive our best help
and advice within 24 hours!
Start your counseling NOW!
Describe your problem and
we'll work with you closely for
up to 3 months to solve it!
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